This site provides some examples of navigation menus and sidebar items.


By default, Google Sites provides a Sidebar Automatic Menu.  This works perfectly well for basic sites.
  • All pages in the site map are automatically included, up to the number of levels configured (2 by default)
  • It is sorted alphabetically
There are two other options:
  • Sidebar Manual Menu
  • Horizontal Manual Menu
Manual menus provide you with more control, but this comes at the cost of more effort.
  • Each menu item must be manually added
  • The structure is completely flexible - it doesn't have to match the site map - in fact items can appear more than once, and links (ULRs) to external sites can be included.
  • Horizontal menus are limited to 2 levels: the visible top level, and a single drop-down level.
  • Horizontal menu styles include: buttons (as depicted), links and tabs and can be justified: left, center or right.
Sidebar menu (a.k.a. Navigation) notes:
  • has a configurable title
  • it can include both site page entries and URLs (to anywhere)
  • Can use as a Quick Links gadget (see Navigation - Links example)

Sidebar Items

The Sidebar can include other items, illustrated here are:
  • Countdown
  • Text Box
  • Site Owners
  • Recent Site Activity


A site inclues:
  • System footer - Google info - cannot be removed, but some information can be hidden
  • Custom footer - Optional - can include formatted text, tables, links images
Note:  This site uses a different Theme, 'Sea Foam', to illustrate some variety. One characteristic of this theme is that all elements of the page are distinctly visible (on some themes that's not the case)
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